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The option to staple, punch or duplex (2-sided printing) is grayed out

Rob Bussell

 April 13, 2010

Symptom:  Users cannot select the option to staple, punch or duplex because it is grayed out.  Note: In some cases this may include the option to select certain trays or large capacity trays.

Cause:  The printer driver has not been configured.  Note: This many be on the server hosting the printing or on the local workstation (direct IP printing).

Solution:  Go to Printers/Faxes (Control Panel) or Devices & Printers (Windows 7 & 8). Right-click the Sharp. Select Properties (Printer Properties in Windows 7 & 8)  > Click the Configuration Tab > Click Auto Configuration (some models require the user to select the options suggested by a pointing finger) and click Apply. The settings will no longer be grayed out. If your printer is shared from a server, you will need to follow the same directions on the server and that will trickle down to the users. 

                                Go to Printers and Faxes (Control Panel)

                    Click the Configuration tab > Click the Auto Configuration button.

                Select the radio buttons represented by the pointing fingers.  Click OK.

                                            Click the Apply button.

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