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How to obtain the IP address at the Sharp MFP

Rob Bussell

TIP: If viewing this from the Sharp MFP, touch "Print Article" under "Options" on the right side.  This will expand the video to fill the display panel.

Note: The above video is for Sharp MFPs with a tablet-style user interface only.  See the instructions below for all other Sharp MFPS. 

To obtain a printout with the IP address of your Sharp MFP do the following:

At the tablet style MFP:

1.  Press the Home button 
2.  Touch the Settings icon on the touch panel 
3.  Press: System Settings 
4.  Touch: List Print.
5.  Touch: All Custom Settings List 

At the standard style MFP:

1.  Press: System Settings (Custom Settings for older models).
2.  Touch: List Print.
3.  Touch: All Custom Settings List 


Some models (smaller) have a network expansion kit (AR-NB2 or AR-NB3).  To obtain the IP address from these, press and hold the small black button located just above the ethernet jack (rear left side of the machine if standing in front) for at least 5 seconds.

Note:   The IP address location  will be on either the top right side of the 1st page (some models will only print 1 page) or bottom left side.  Look for "IP Address" or "IPv4 Address".  If dashes are displayed, then the machine's ethernet cable may be unplugged from the machine.  Verify a good cable is plugged in to the MFP and to a live (active) data port (jack) in the wall, switch, modem or router. The ethernet jack on the MFP should have a link light (green) and blinking light (amber) to show network activity.

Click here if you have difficulty finding the IP address on your All Custom Settings List print out.

Quickly Determine the MFP IP Address

Models:  MX-M283N/MX-M363N/MX-M453N/MX-M503N/MX-M623N/MX-M753N, MX-2600N/MX-3100N/MX-4100N/MX-4101N/MX-5001N, MX-6201N/MX-7001N/MX-B401/MX-C311/MX-C401, MX-B402/MX-B402SC/MX-C402SC 

Details: Follow these steps to have the MFP display the IP address on the panel.

Note:  This procedure requires the MFP to be connected to the network and have the network scanner kit installed. Some MFP models have scanning as a standard feature and some other MFP models require the option to be added.
1. Press the Image Send button on the MFP.
2. Press the tab labeled PC Scan (you may need to touch the Condition Settings button to see the PC Scan button) and the MFP will display the IP Address.
3. Press Exit and then Yes to exit the PC Scan Mode.


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