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Printer will not print from tray selected or load paper or paper empty message appears

Rob Bussell

February 13, 2012

This message generally appears when the program being used to print from is set for a size or type of paper that the machine is not setup for. For example, a common scenario is that if you send a print job meant to print on Heavy paper from the Bypass Tray, the Bypass Tray must be set (or registered) for Heavy paper. There’s basically two easy ways to solve the problem.

The display panel of the Sharp shows a "load paper" or "Paper Empty" message or the Sharp pulls paper from the wrong tray.

Cause:  The default settings of the program being used to print are overriding the printer driver default settings. 

Solution 1 - (From the computer):  Change the tray or size of paper in the default settings section of the program.  See the Load Paper Message PDF (at the bottom of the page) for an example on how to correct this issue from Microsoft Word (Windows).

To correct this issue from the following programs (Windows):

PDF - File > Print Setup > Paper Size (change to correct size).
OpenOffice - Format > Page (change to correct size).
Outlook - File > Page Setup > Table Style (or Memo Style) > Paper (change to correct size).

To correct this issue when printing a PDF from a Mac:

File > Print > Printer > Layout (drop-down menu) change to Paper Feed > Auto Select (or desired tray).

Solution 2 - (at the copier -see image below):   Press the Job Status button > Select the Print Job tab on the touch panel > Touch the job for which "Paper Empty" appeared > Touch the Paper Select button > Touch the button of the tray that has the paper you wish to use (Printing will begin).
Note:  If you changed to a different paper size, printing may not take place correctly; for example part of the text or image may run off the paper.

Note: To confirm that the "paper empty" message on the copier is not being generated by a previous user trying to print their job (at the copier: Job Status > Print > User's jobs will be displayed).


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