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How to scan using the LAN TWAIN driver for Sharp MFPs

Rob Bussell

December 22, 2011

Setup a PC-Scan mode icon on the Home page (for the following models only: MX-2610/3110/3610/4110/4111/5110/5111). Skip this step if your Sharp is a different model.

1. Login to the web interface of your Sharp (must know the IP address).

2. Click System Settings > Operation Settings > Home Screen Settings

3. Select an Item number in the Home Button or Fix Key Column that has not been assigned (Not Set).  Click the "Not Set" link.

4. Locate the "Image Send" section.  Select the radio button for "Mode Key".  Select "PC Scan" from the drop menu (located directly to the right).

5. Click the Submit button.

Downloading/Installing/configuring the Twain Scan (LAN) driver:

1. Download the driver from: Select the Model of Sharp > Microsoft > Windows Operating System (i.e. Windows XP, Windows 7, etc) > Select Twain Scan (LAN) for the driver type.

2. Double-click the application icon to initiate the installation.  "The installation of the SHARP software is complete" pop-up screen will appear when finished.

3. Click Start > All Programs (or Programs) > SHARP MFP TWAIN K > Select Device > click Search.  Select the Sharp MFP and click OK.

Note:  If the Sharp MFP is not found, click the "Input" button and enter the IP address for the Sharp MFP and click OK.  Click OK again to close the "Select Device" window.

To scan using the PC-Scan (TWAIN) method:

1. Press the PC Scan button on the Sharp MFP (For the following models only: MX-2610/3110/3610/4110/4111/5110/5111).  All other models: Press Imagine Send > Condition Settings > PC Scan

Note:  When in PC Scan mode, users will not be able to use the MFP to make copies, use Document Filing or Scan.  If someone exits PC Scan mode, PC Scanning (acquiring an image using the TWAIN driver from a computer desktop) will not function.

2. Open a Twain-compliant program (i.e. Sharpdesk, Windows Imaging, etc). 

3. Click Acquire and OK (to confirm the IP address or model of Sharp MFP)

4. Select SPF (Document Feeder) or Platen (Glass).

5. Click Scan

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