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Configuring Sharp MFPs to Scan to E-mail

Rob Bussell

August 21, 2009

This tutorial shows how to setup the Sharp MX series MFP to scan to email by determining the proper SMTP settings. It also shows how to use telnet to troubleshoot the following scan to email error codes: CE-02, CE-03.  You will need to know the IP address of your Sharp MFP.

See the PDF (at the bottom of the page). 

Note: The following MFP machines use a different web interface: AR-M162, AR-M168, AR-M207, AR-M208, AR-M237, AR-M257, AR-BC260, AR-M277, *AR-M280, AR-M317, AR-BC320, *AR-M350, AR-M355, *AR-M450, AR-M455, MX-M350, MX-M450, MX-M550, MX-M620, MX-M700. The process is similar.  Click "Admin Mode" > login (username: admin password: Sharp) > Click "Services" > SMTP (or Email).

*These MFPs do not have authentication capabilities from the web interface. If authentication is required, you can setup an SMTP Relay on a Microsoft Windows Server or Microsoft Windows Business Class (not Home Edition) Workstation.

Click here: SMTP Relaying (for imagers that do not support authentication)

Note: To setup the MFP to scan to email using GMAIL, your machine must have SSL capabilities. The following models support SSL:
MX-C311, MX-C401, MX-C382SC, MX-C402SC, MX-B401, MX-M260, MX-M310, MX-M283, MX-M350, MX-M450, MX-M550, MX-M620, MX-M700, MX-M363, MX-M453, MX-M503, MX-M623, MX-M753, MX-2300, MX-2700, MX-3501, MX-4501, MX-5500, MX-6200, MX-6201, MX-7000, MX-7001, MX-2600, MX-3100, MX-4100, MX-4101, MX-5001, MX-2610, MX-3110, MX-3610, MX-4110, MX-4111, MX-5110, MX-5111, MX-2640, MX-3640, MX-4140, MX-5140, MX-6240, MX-7040


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