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When scanning to email, the file size is too large for the email system

Rob Bussell

October 24, 2012

Note:  While this applies to most scanners, the suggestions/instructions in this article apply to the majority of Sharp MFPs.

Problem:  Many IT professionals place limitations on the size of email attachments that can go through the system to avoid overwhelming the email server.  In addition to this and for the same reason, they usually place inbox size restrictions.  Sharp MFPs and most scanners for that matter have the ability to send large file sizes through email (granted file size restrictions aren't in place).

Solution/s:  If you are scanning in color (if your Sharp supports it), you may want to consider scanning in black/white.  This will drastically reduce the file size.  Reducing the dpi will also decrease the file size.  200x200 dpi will generally work well in most cases.  Keep in mind the larger the dpi, the larger the file size will be.  If you are mainly scanning text documents (no graphics, photos included), change the setting to "Mono2" instead of "Grayscale".  This will have the biggest impact on file size.  Finally, check the Compression settings for the individual you are scanning to.  For BW scanning, "G4 Compression" is recommended (smallest file size).  For color scanning (if your Sharp supports it), "High Compression" is recommend for the smallest file size.  If none of these suggestions help, there is an "Enhanced Compression Kit" for many Sharps that can be added to the Sharp.  This will mainly help with color scanning and can dramatically reduce the file size.  For more information and pricing, please contact the Les Olson Company IT department at 801-413-2106.

Changing the settings (at the machine): The settings may be changed on an "as needed" basis.  After selecting the desired email destination to scan to, select the setting to change (i.e. Resolution, File Format, Color).  

Changing the settings to default (from a computer):  Login to the web interface using the IP address of the Sharp.

Default dpi: System Settings > Image Send Settings (log in as admin) > Initial Resolution Setting (change the dpi to the desired dpi).
Default Color Mode: System Settings > Image Send Settings (log in as admin) > Scan Settings > Default Color Mode Setting (change to the desired color mode).
Default Compression:  Address Book (select the desired email destination) > Black & White: Compression Mode >  G4 is recommended
If your Sharp supports color: Color/Grayscale: Compression Ratio > High Compression is recommended

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