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Explanation for the Default Names of Scanned Files on Sharp MFPs

Rob Bussell

 March 26, 2010

Symptom: Scanned files using default settings have different file names.

Cause: The default file names depend on various settings.

Solution: The Default File Name for scanned images uses the Model Number of the MFP, Sender Name, and Date & Time. However there are configuration changes that will affect this.

See examples 1 and 2 for the default settings for different models.

Application Settings - Network Scanner Settings – Administration Settings

                                     Example 1


Using the Default Setting of Sender Name can result in three different possibilities for File Names.

1. If SMTP is not set up and the Scan Settings are not altered the MFP will use the Model Number for

the Sender Name.


Example File Name: MX-5001N_20100212_145030.pdf


2. If you enter text in the Sender Name field in Scan Settings, the machine will use this as the default

Sender Name as shown in Example 3.


Example File Name: Your Name_20100212_145030.pdf

                                                                            Example 3

3. If SMTP is configured and the Default Sender Name (Step 2) is left blank, the default Sender Name

will be the Reply Email Address in the file name as shown in Example 4.


Example File Name: reply@email.com_20100212_145030.pdf

                                                                                   Example 4


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