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Guide to setting up Inbound Routing (incoming faxes route to email or folder)

Rob Bussell
Inbound Fax Routing

 January 06, 2010

Note:  You will need the IP address of your Sharp MFP.

Models:  MX-2300N / 2600N / 2700N / 3100N / 3500N / 3501N / 4501N /  5500N / 6200N / 6201N / 7000N / 70001N / MXM850 / MXM950 /  MXM1100

1. Connect to the MX s home page: Open web browser. (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox)

2. Type the MX s IP address in the address bar. (e.g. 172.29.x.x) Hit enter

3. Click the Login button on home page

4. Make sure login name is Administrator and type in the password of admin . Hit Enter

5. Select Application Settings from menu on left of page

6. Select Inbound Routing Settings

7. Select Administration Settings

8. In the Inbound Routing drop down, choose Enable

9. Leave all Disable boxes UNCHECKED

10. Select Print Out All Report

11. Click Submit to save changes

12. If you are forwarding all faxes then skip to step 17

13. If you have know numbers you want to forward from select Sender Number/Address Registration from left side menu

14. Enter incoming fax # to be routed in the Fax Number field. (use the number of another available fax machine)

15. Click Add to List

16. Click Submit to save changes

17. Select Inbound Routing Settings from left side menu

18. Click Add

19. In the Table Name field type Sales Dept (in most case you will want to enter the job title or department name of intended recipient)

20. If you are forwarding all incoming select Forward All Received Data and skip to step 23

21. If forwarding faxes from a known number select Forward Received Data from Below Sender

22. Highlight fax # you previously entered in step 13

23. In the address list below, place a CHECK next to the desired recipient from this fax #.

24. Click Submit to save changes

25. Notice the new table name is now displayed. Check Forward Activated and active Incoming faxes from that # will now automatically
be routed to the chosen email

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