Can no longer scan to email using GMAIL SMTP settings due to authentication errors

December 9, 2014

If you are unable to scan to email using GMAIL SMTP do the following:

1.  Log in to the web interface or your Sharp MFP by typing its IP address in a web address bar of a web browser. See this to show how to obtain the IP address of your Sharp MFP

2.  Do a connection test on the web interface by clicking the Execute button (see image below). 

1.  Click Network Settings 
2.  Enter admin and click login
3.  Click the Services Settings link
4.  Click the SMTP tab
5.  Click the Execute button.
6.  Click the Submit button if any changes were made.

If the password has been changed, click the Change Password box and enter the correct password and click the Submit button to retain the settings.  Click the Execute button to perform another test.  The results should show "Connection to SMTP server test succeeded".

If the results shows "Authentication Failed" and you have verified that you have entered the correct username/password, copy and paste this link in a web browser: and select Turn on.  Perform another connection test to verify it says "Connection to SMTP server test succeeded".