ColorMunki repair for profiling issues

January 16, 2015

Submitted by Jacob Reeder from Xrite support

Repair disk permissions on the Mac, reboot, and test. 


If it ends up being a permissions issue, create a new second admin user and use that user to create the profiles and then copy them over to the desired users library > ColorSync > Profiles folder. We have a web article that addresses this at the following link:



Perhaps this simpler workaround can work for you instead:


Navigate to the following link: MacHD\Library\Application Support\ColorMunki\Design\Tools and then try double-clicking on the “Profile my Display & Projector” or “Profile my Printer” icon?


Wait patiently for the profiling window to open…it could take up to 60 seconds or so.  If it opens, there is a simple workaround…right-click (or control-click) the “Profile my…” icon and create an alias.  Drag the alias to the desktop to use when profiling.