Creating PDF when using Scan To HDD function

August 12, 2013

Sharp Technical Tip 073113-4

Models: MX-2610N/MX-2640N/MX-3100N/MX-4100N/MX-4101N/MX-4110N/MX-4111N/MX-5110N/MX-5111N/MX-6240N/MX-7040N/MX-M1054/MXM1100/

Symptom: Users must select "Create PDF for PC Browsing" for each scanned file.

Cause: Default Setting of PDF Format for PC Browsing is not enabled.

Solution: Enable Create PDF setting, as the default setting, via the web interface.

To enable Default Setting of PDF Format for PC Browsing:

1) Log into web page of machine and login is as administrator.
2) Go to System settings, then Document Filing Settings.
3) Scroll down page to "Default Setting of PDF Format for PC Browsing" and enable Scan to HDD. Note: You can also set the default resolution here.
4) Click SUBMIT at bottom of page and confirm the message "Your request was successfully processed" is displayed.