Trouble scanning the selected file type or color or having trouble finding the destination at the Sharp MFP

April 1, 2015

Symptom:  The received scanned file may be in BW instead of color or PDF or TIFF even after selecting JPEG.

Solution:  Change the default scan method to the desired scan type before scanning.

Models:  MX-2610, MX-3110, MX-3610, MX-4110, MX-4111, MX-5110, MX-5111, MX-2640, MX-3640, MX-4140, MX-4141, MX-5140, MX-5141, MX-6240, MX-7040, MX-M904, MX-M1054, MX-M1204

1. Touch the Scan button.

2. Select FTP/Desktop or Network Folder (default is E-mail) from the drop down menu (top left corner). Select File Format and choose the desired file format.  Select Color Mode choose the desired mode.

3. Touch the Address Book button

4. Touch the proper Destination and touch Start