Specified Pages per File on Sharp MFP's

September 28, 2011

Newest Series:

If the touch panel of your Sharp looks like this (see image below), follow these steps:  Scan > File Format > check the "Specified Pages Per File" box (if it is an email destination), otherwise select the mode (i.e. Network Folder or FTP/Desktop) and then check the "Specified Pages Per File" box.

Most Other Series:

At the MFP: Image Send > Select Destination > Condition Settings > File Format > Specified Pages per File (for scanning at that time). 

Note: You may have to press the Mode Switch button and change it to "Scan" instead of "Fax" for the proper options to appear (see PDF attachment at the bottom).

On the web interface:  System Settings > Image Send > Login > Scan Settings > Specified Pages per File (default for all users).