How to reset an NB2/NB3 so a new IP address can be assigned through the web interface

July 27, 2010

This is very helpful if the NB2/NB3 is connected to a machine like the Sharp AR-M160 and AR-M205 or any Sharp machine that does not have a display panel. This may become necessary, if the network IP address scheme has changed due to a new router or high speed internet provider.

1. Power off the Sharp. 
2. Hold down the small black button just above the Ethernet port on the NB2/NB3.
3. Turn the Sharp on (while holding down the small black button).
4. Keep holding the small black button for about 30 seconds.
5. Release the small black button once you hear it beep (small siren sound).
6. Turn off the Sharp and leave it off for about 10 seconds.
7. Turn the Sharp on and wait about 60 seconds (to initialize).
8. Hold down the small black button again for about 5 seconds and this will print an All Custom Settings List that will display a new IP address (DHCP).
9. You can now enter that IP address in a web browser. Scroll down to Protocol (Username: admin, Password: Sharp) and disable DHCP and RARP and enter the new desired IP address, Subnet Mask and Gateway.
10. Power off the Sharp one more time for the settings to take effect.