Printing Envelopes on Sharp MFPs

September 5, 2014

See the appropriate PDF attachment (below) for LOC instructions (easiest). 

Click here for official Sharp instructions: Envelope printing instructions 

Common Series (PDF):
Although these instructions show how to print envelopes using the following models: MX-C311/C312/401, MX-B401/B402, MX-2600/3100, MX-4101/4100/5001, MX-M363/453/503, the steps are similar enough for the majority of Sharp models.

Smart Series (PDF):  Current Smart Series MFPs include: MX-2610/2640/3110/3140/3610/3640/

Note:  There are several ways to print envelopes.  The tutorial shows how to print envelopes from Word.  It shows how to print them using the Envelopes and Labels Wizard.  Keep in mind this will print 1 envelope at a time.  To print multiple envelopes at a time from Word, select the proper size (COM10 is the most common) from
Page Setup and designate the number of envelopes you would like printed from the Printer pop up (after clicking Print) or from the Sharp driver (once you click Properties) Main tab.

Technical Tip: TT-030315_7
Models: MX-3110N/MX-3610N 
Symptom: Cannot Print COM 10 EnvelopesMachine displays message "paper in selected tray cannot be used for selected media." 
Cause: Output settings are incompatible. 
Solution:  Log in to Custom Settings > System Settings > Copy Function Settings > Initial Status Settings> and clear the "offset" checkbox.