How to Back Up Document Filing Data

 April 01, 2010

Models: MX-C311/MX-C401/MX-B401, MX-2300N/MX-2600N/MX-2700N/MX-3100N, MX-3500N/MX-3501N/MX-4100N/MX-4101N/MX-4501N/MX-5001N, MX-5500N/MX-6200N/MX-6201N/MX-7000N/MX-70001N, MX-M283N/MX-M363N/MX-M453N/MX-M503N


A Sharp MFP with Document Filing connected to a network

A Computer on the same network as the Sharp MFP

We are using the MX-3100N to demonstrate this procedure. The process is the same for other models.

1. Open the web page of the Sharp MFP by typing its IP address into the Address field of an internet browser.

2. Login as the Administrator by pressing the Login button and entering the Administrator Password (the default Administrator password is admin).

3. Click on the Document Operations link on the left-side menu bar. Then click on the Filing Data Backup link.

4. The Filing Data Backup page appears. Select the folder(s) to be backed up by placing a check in the checkbox. Click the Execute button.

5. The file download box appears prompting you to save the file. Click the Save button.

6. Select a location on the computer to save the backup file. Click the Save button.

7. Once the backup file completes downloading, the Download Complete dialog box appears. Click on the Close button if necessary.

This completes the procedure of How to Back Up Document Filing Data.