Sharp MFP Tutorials (MySharp)

 January 07, 2010

Click the Color or Black & White MFPs links below to access the PDF or video tutorial guides:

Color MFPs

Black & White MFPs

The following are some of the common topics covered (Note: Options and available guides vary from model to model):

Administration: Auto Power Shutoff, Customize Key Setting, Device Cloning, Fax Finishing, Inbound Routing, TCP/IP Setup, Total Count, User Authentication Settings, User Registration, Account Limit, Account Number Control, Resetting Account, Account Number Security, Anti-Junk Fax Setting, Auditing Mode, Canceling Jobs of Invalid Accounts, Card Shot, Default Display Settings, File Name/Subject Keys, Job Log Control, Key Operation Setting, Meter Readings, Preheat Mode, Copying: 2-Sided Copy, Original Misfeed Removal, ADF Misfeed Removal, Misfeed Removal Paper Trays, Misfeed Removal Saddle Stitch Finisher, Multi-Shot, Empty Hole Punch Unit, Exposure Adjustments, Pamphlet Copy, Replacing Waste Toner Box, Setting Originals, Auto Reduce/Enlarge, Book Copy Function, Corona Cleaner, Job Program, Deleting a Job Program, Interrupting a Copy Job, Job Build, Margin Shift, Mirror Image, Setting Date & Time, Tandem CopyDocument Filing: Deleting a Document, E-Mailing a Document, Filing a Document, Moving a Document, Printing a Document, Calling Up & Changing Details, Calling Up and Changing Properties, Deleting a Saved FileEmbedded Web Page: E-Mail Destination Management, Fax Destination Management, FTP Destination Management, Group Destination Management, IP Filtering, Operation ManualsFaxing: 2-Sided Document, Basic Sending, Fax Exposure Adjustment, Fax Resolution Adjustment, Timer TransmissionPrinting: Basic Print Driver Settings, Carbon Copy, Color Adjustment, Custom Watermark, Duplex Printing, Hold After, Hold Only, Sample Print, Standard Watermark, Tandem Printing, N-Up Printing, Image Quality, Default SettingsScanning: Basic Scan to E-Mail, Scan File Format, Scan to USB, Scanning a 2-Sided Document, Job Build, Original Size, Program a Group, Scan Exposure, Original Size, Setting Resolution, Setting Scan File Format, OCR Document, Combine Documents

Supplies: Bypass Tray Settings, Loading Paper, Loading Paper in Large Tray, Paper Type & Size Setting, Replace Toner