The Sharpdesk NST (Network Scanner Tool) fails to detect copiers and manually adding a copier results in Error 0x82150211

 January 07, 2010

Cause: Internet Explorer settings have been changed to disable HTTP 1.1 or a proxy server is being used and HTTP 1.1 through proxy is disabled (by default).

Solution: In Internet Explorer, select Tools / Internet Options. Select the Advanced Tab and scroll down to HTTP 1.1 Settings. Make sure the check mark is present in both boxes, or at least the first one if the copier is on the local subnet.

If a proxy server is in use and the admin does not want to enable HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections then you can also add the copier to the list of exceptions on the Connections / LAN Settings / Advanced page so the proxy server will not be used to communicate to the copier or the admin may allow you to select Bypass proxy server for local addresses, or add an entire subnet to the exceptions list.