The printer shows "offline" in the Windows Printers & Faxes or Devices & Printers

January 07, 2010

Note: See PDF attachment for screenshots.

Symptom: Printing to the machine takes the printer offline.

Cause: The SNMP status enabled box is checked.

Solution: Go to Printers and faxes (Devices & Printers for Windows 7).  Right-click the Sharp printer.  Select Properties (Printer Properties for Windows 7).  Select the Ports tab.  Click the Configure port button. At the bottom uncheck the "SNMP status enabled" box. This should resolve the issue. If you do not see the SNMP status enabled box the printer was most likely installed via a setup.exe method which does not use a Standard TCP/IP Port. Do the following to add a Standard TCP/IP Port:

The following needs to be performed at each computer (unless the printer is shared from a Server).

1.  Right-click the Sharp (Printers and Faxes of Control Panel) or Devices and Printers in Windows 7.
2.  Click Properties (Printer Properties in Windows 7).
3.  Click the Ports tab.
4.  Click "Add Port..."
5.  Double-click "Standard TCP/IP Port".
6.  Click Next at the Standard TCP/IP Port Welcome Wizard.
7.  Enter the assigned IP address and click Next.
8.  Select the default "Generic Network Card" and click Next.
9.  Click Finish.
10.Click Close (Printer Ports box).
11.Confirm the new IP address has a checkmark in the box next to it.
12.Click Apply.
13.Click OK.

Note: See attached PDF for screenshots.