Enabling Black & White Printing While Requiring Account Codes For Color on Sharp MFPs

September 23, 2014

This allows users to walk-up to the *color mfp and make black/white copies and allows users to print black/white from their computers without requiring an account code.  Walk-up users wanting to make color copies will need to touch the logout button to login with their account code. 

Click here: BW Printing Allowed - Color Requires Codes

*The following models currently support this feature: MX-C311, MX-C401, MX-C382SC, MX-C402SC, MX-2600, MX-2610, MX-2640, MX-3100, MX-3110, MX-3140, MX-3610, MX-3640, MX-4100, MX-MX-4101, MX-4110, MX-4140, MX-4111, MX-4141, MX-5001, MX-5110, MX-4140, MX-5111, MX-5140

Note:  To allow prints without Account Control, see the PDF attachment below for older models (MX-2300/27003501/4501/5500/6200/6201/7000/7001).