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Sharpdesk Mobile printing & scanning for iPhone and iPad

Rob Bussell
Mobile Devices

March 30, 2012

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Sharp is pleased to announce the launch of Sharpdesk Mobile, a new mobile printing and scanning solution for iPhone and iPad. Sharpdesk Mobile allows users to print PDF, JPEG and TIFF files from their iPhone and iPad to a supported Sharp MFP. Sharpdesk Mobile also allows users to scan hardcopy documents from a supported Sharp MFP to their iPhone or iPad for easy access.


Hassle-free Printing

To print with Sharpdesk Mobile, users simply connect to a Wi-Fi network, select a document to preview and print from their iPhone or iPad and send the document directly to a supported Sharp MFP

Simplified Scanning

Sharpdesk Mobile users can scan hardcopy documents to PDF for easy access by simply scanning from a supported Sharp MFP to their iPhone or iPad. A user’s iPhone/iPad can be stored on the MFP as a "scan to" location for easy access.

Seamless Collaboration with other iPhone/iPad applications

Sharpdesk Mobile allows users to seamlessly share their scanned files with other iPhone/iPad applications. Users can attach scanned files to email, share documents with other iPhone/iPad applications or print files from other iPhone/iPad applications. 


Print On-the-go

* Conveniently print PDF, JPEG & TIFF files from your iPhone or iPad to a supported Sharp MFP

* Print files from other iPhone/iPad apps

* Easily print email attachments from your iPhone or iPad


Scan & Share

* Scan and save files from a supported MFP to your iPhone or iPad

* Quickly email scanned files from your iPhone or iPad

* Share scanned files with other iPhone/iPad applications


Download & Discover

* Available at no cost on the Apple App Store

* Automatically discover and connect to a supported Sharp MFP

* Manually add a supported Sharp MFP

* No driver installations


Supported MFPs:  MX-2310U, MX-2610N, MX-3111U, MX-3110N, MX-3610N, MX-4110N, MX-4111N, MX-5110N, MX-5111N

Supported File Formats: PDF, TIFF, JPEG

iOS Version:
iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad and iPad2 (iOS 4.3 and 5.0)


MX-PB14/Printer Expansion Kit is required to print from MX-2310U/MX3111U

* MX-PK11/ PostScript® 3 Expansion Kit is required to print from MX-2610N/MX-3110N/MX-3610N

* Bonjour must be enabled to auto-discover supported MFPs.


Sharpdesk Mobile is available for download in the Apple App Store. Sharpdesk Mobile can be found under "Utilities" in the App Store or by simply searching for "Sharpdesk Mobile."

Please see the PDF attachments (below) for additional details.

To scan from the supported Sharp MFP to the iPad/iPhone:

1. Touch the Scan button.

2.  Select FTP/Desktop (default is E-mail) from the drop down menu (top left corner).


3.  Touch the Address Book button

4.  Touch the proper Destination and touch Start

Note:  If you are using authentication, you will not be able to print from your device.  There is one known workaround currently.  Log in to the web interface page of your Sharp.  Create an Authority group called "iPad" and make sure it has full rights for printing.  You can prohibit all other rights.  Create a new User and call it "iPad".  Assign it a user number and assign it the iPad Authority Group.  Click Default Settings and check the "Device Account Mode" and "Allow Login by Different User" boxes.  Click User Selection and select the iPad user and type in the user number and click Confirmation.  Click OK to save the settings.


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