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How to Integrate User Control with Active Directory

Rob Bussell

October 10, 2011

Models:  MX-M283N/MX-M363N/MX-M453N/MX-M503N, MX-M623N/MX-M753N, MX-4100N/MX-4101N/MX-5001N, MX-2610N/MX-3110N/MX-3610N, MX-4110N/MX-4111N/MX-5110N/MX-5111N, MX-M283N/MX-M363N/MX-M453N/MX-M503N, MX-M623N/MX-M753N, MX-4100N/MX-4101N/MX-5001N, MX-2610N/MX-3110N/MX-3610N, MX-4110N/MX-4111N/MX-5110N/MX-5111N

Details:  Follow the steps in this document to get User Control to use Active Directory to set up the MFP so that the Page Limit, Authority and Favorite Operation Groups can each be applied to network users when they log into the MFP.

Note:  The PDF (below shows the steps and examples in more detail.


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