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The New Sharp Aries, Virgo, Polaris and Hercules II, Series MFPs

Rob Bussell

May 27, 2011
November 13, 2012

Les Olson Company has made it possible to
search, view, print and watch instruction guides and videos on the new Sharp Aries, Virgo, Polaris and Hercules II Series MFPs! This makes the most remarkable MFPs ever created even more impressive! 

Sharp's new line of MFPs boast a customizable, easy to use, color touch-screen display.  This advanced user interface is very similar to interfaces found on "smart phones" and other touch screen devices that we have all come to rely on.

I've read several reviews and reports about these amazing MFPs.  Having worked with several thousand users in my career, I could imagine that some users would be intimidated by this technology at first (before they realize how much easier it is than traditional MFP interfaces).  After spending several weeks working with this remarkable machine and observing our customers, I can sincerely say that this machine hit a home run.   One of my favorite features is that the desktop can be arranged according to the user's needs.  The desktop can easily be arranged by the customer or dealer at the time of install or anytime afterwards.  The Les Olson Company I.T. department has spent a great deal of time with this machine and have come up with an excellent default desktop layout that works great in most office environments.  However, we recognize that each customer is unique and we are happy to accommodate those needs.  In fact, we've had a customer who simply requested to have a "Copy" button to keep things as simple as possible.  Most reviews on this machine focus on the impressive tablet-like user interface, forgetting that the hard copy output and imaging quality of this machine is equally if not more impressive.

September 14, 2011

Now that we have had many of these machines connected at customer locations, I thought it would be helpful to provide an update.  I am happy to report that we have far less calls on these machines than the traditional MFPs.  This tells me that the revolutionary touch panel is indeed easier to use (more user-friendly).

See the PDF brochure (bottom of page) for additional information and also check out the 3rd party (non-biased) Industry Analysts PDF report (bottom of page).

Overview of the New Sharp Aries Series MFP

See and print helpful guides and watch instructional videos directly from the touch panel!

Customize the desktop by arranging icons and backgrounds for your office or individuals



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