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Sharp Central Print

Rob Bussell
Mobile Devices

May 09, 2011
February 13, 2012

Sharp Central Print is a free software application that allows you to quickly and easily print pictures and text on Sharp MFP (printer/copiers) connected to a local WIFI network.

Note: According to Sharp, this will only work with IOS devices with version 4.x. Please see the following tested solutions: Sharpdesk Mobile printing & scanning for iPhone and iPad or iPad and iPhone printing 

Sharp Central Print

Sharp Central Print FAQs

Sharp Central Print - How Do I?

Key Features and Benefits

  • Quickly print full page 8.5x11 pictures from your iPhone® camera roll to a Sharp MFP connected to a local WiFi network.
  • Easily select text from email, web browser, or other application using the iPhone’s Cut, Copy, Paste functionality for effortless printing. Once you’ve selected and copied text using your iPhone’s text select and copy functionality, simply select the ‘clipboard’ option in the Sharp Central Print application and press the print button. It’s that easy.
  • Adding new Sharp MFPs for printing is as simple as entering an IP Address and an easy to remember name for the device.
  • Sharp Central Print does not require additional software to be installed on a computer, and is compatible with industry-standard WiFi environments.
  • Sharp Central Print works only with Sharp MFPs, and requires a PostScript kit.

Sharp Central Print FAQs

    What is an MFP?
    Sharp MFPs are multi-function printers capable of printing, faxing, copying, and scanning documents. Although typically found in office environments, Sharp offers a new line of smaller and less expensive MFPs tailored for the home office or small business environments. And, given the cost of supplies for an MFP versus ink-jet printers, a Sharp MFP can be a more economical solution, even for a smaller home office. Click on the following link to learn more about Sharp MFPs.

    Does Sharp Central Print work with non-Sharp MFPs or printers?
    No, Sharp Central Print works only with Sharp MFPs.

    How do I find the IP Address of my Sharp MFP?
    On the front panel of a Sharp MFP, press the ‘System Settings’ button, then select the ‘List Print’ option. From the List Print option, select ‘Printer Test Page’ and then print the ‘NIC Page’. The MFP’s IP Address will be printed on this page.

    Can I edit the text in the Sharp Central Print clipboard before printing?
    No, text editing is not available in this version of Sharp Central Print.

    Some special control characters and symbols don’t print when I’m printing from the clipboard. Is something wrong?
    No, this version of Sharp Central Print only supports printing of text at this time. Some ASCII control characters, symbols, and foreign character fonts may not print.

    Does the application allow me to control whether I print pictures and text single-sided or double-sided?
    No, by default the application prints pictures single-sided and text double-sided to save paper.

    Does the application allow me to manage printing options like stapling, hole-punching, or paper size?
    No, this version of Sharp Central Print does not provide print management functionality like stapling, hole-punching, or setting paper size at this time.

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