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Sharpdesk Licensing

Rob Bussell

February 10, 2011

We have been recently made aware of some licensing procedures regarding Sharpdesk. Sharpdesk licenses are owned and retained by the original purchaser of the Sharp MFP that either had scanning included (1 Sharpdesk license), or if they purchased an AR-NS1/AR-NS2/MX-NSX1. Sharpdesk licenses do not remain attached to a machine – even though the machine still has the scanning feature enabled on it. You will still be able to scan to email, FTP, and depending on model - network folder.

Here are some examples of how this works:

· If a customer originally purchased a new AR-M450N, and an AR-NS2 (which included 10 Sharpdesk licenses), then upgraded to a new MX-C401 3 years later, they would have 11 Sharpdesk licenses available to them since the new MX-C401 includes scanning as a standard option, and also includes 1 license of Sharpdesk.

· If a customer purchases a used MX-M620N that has scanning enabled on it, but didn’t previously have a Sharp machine with Sharpdesk licenses, they will be able to only use the scanning to email, FTP, and network folder features, unless you sell them Sharpdesk licenses.

· If a customer upgrades to a MX-M620N from an AR-M620N that had scanning on it, and purchases scanning for the new MX-M620N, they would have a total of 20 Sharpdesk licenses available to them.

· If you sell a used machine that had scanning enabled on them as a standard option – i.e. MX-C311, the original Sharpdesk license remains with the original purchaser, and the new owner will need to purchase Sharpdesk.

So basically, all used equipment that has scanning enabled on it needs to be sold with Sharpdesk licenses if the customer intends to use Sharpdesk. We cannot, and will not legally install Sharpdesk unless you’ve sold the customer licenses.

Please make sure your customers are aware of the Sharpdesk licensing rules, so our I.T. techs and installers don’t run into an uncomfortable situation with the customer during an install.

Pricing for Sharpdesk licenses:

MX-USX5 (5 user licenses) $600

MX-US10 (10 user licenses) $850

MX-US50 (50 user licenses) $2,450 (special order only)

MX-USAO (100 user licenses) $3,650 (special order only)

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