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Troubleshooting Scan to Email (SMTP)

Rob Bussell

April 23, 2010

Symptom: Scan to Email is configured but does not work.

Cause: Configuration is wrong on the MFP or there is SMTP server trouble.

Solution: Follow the steps below to check the MFP and the mail server configuration.

Click here for Instructions on how to setup scan to email

MFP Web Page Settings:

1. Newer models: Click the Network Settings link, login as admin and click the Services Settings link.

    Older models: Click Admin Mode and login as admin/Sharp, click the Services link and click the SMTP tab.

2. Use the SMTP server IP addresses in the Primary and Secondary Server fields rather than the server names.

3. Verify if the mail server is using the default SMTP port of 25. If it is not, then change the Port Number to match the server. Port 587 is a commonly used port if authentication is required.

4. The Reply Email Address must be a valid local email address for some mail servers or messages will be discarded.  If using a Reply Email Address like: or confirm that the email address actually exists.

5. If the server is running SSL (GMail uses SSL) for better security, check the box next to Enable SSL.  Click here for instructions on how to setup scan to GMail.

6. Leave the User Name and Password blank temporarily and perform the Connection Test. A successful response will verify that the server is really a valid SMTP mail server.

The following should be performed by an I.T. person, email administrator, or individual who has proficient knowledge/experience.

Mail Server Settings:

1. Create a new user account and password for the MFP on the mail server. This user account name, the Name set in the MFP’s Top Page, and the Device Name in Network Settings should all be the same. Use this account and password for SMTP Authentication.

2. Test the MFP with another email server. There are several email servers that are free to download and demonstrate. Connect the MFP to the email server computer with a crossover cable. If this works without errors then the MFP is working and the trouble is with the customer’s email server.

3. If scan to email works inside the customer’s domain but cannot be sent to outside locations, then the email server needs to be configured to allow outgoing email from the MFP.


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