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Troubleshooting Sharpdesk scanning issues

Rob Bussell

January 05, 2012

This guide (see PDF attachment) resolves most of the issues involving scanning to Sharpdesk (CE-02, Selected Servers not found). This guide is broken down into 4 small sections.  Section 1 generally solves about 90% of the cases.  If it doesn't solve the problem, follow the instructions in section 2 and so on until all 4 sections have been completed if necessary.

Note:  If you are not receiving the scanned image into Sharpdesk AND an error message did not pop up on the Sharp scanner do the following:

At the Sharp (most models), touch the Job Status (physical button) > Scan, Scan To or Email/FTP (touch-screen button) > Complete (touch-screen button).  This will display either "Send Ok" or "NG8000".  If it shows NG (meaning "No Good"), follow the instructions on the Sharpdesk Troubleshooting Guide PDF attachment (bottom of this page). If the status shows "Send OK", the image was sent but possibly ended up in a different folder other than Sharpdesk.  To determine where the scan ended up if it did not arrive inside of Sharpdesk do the following:

At the PC, browse to the following path: 

Windows XP:  C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Sharp\ftproot (verify if any scan files appear in this folder)
Windows 7 & 8:   C:\ProgramData\Sharp\ftproot (verify if any scan files appear in this folder)

If you cannot see the folders you must select "Show hidden files and folders". You can do this by using Windows Explorer > Tools > Folder Options > View.  If scan files appear in the ftproot directory (folder) you have the option to either navigate to the same ftproot path (directory) within Sharpdesk and view the files (but you must open Sharpdesk manually as it will not automatically launch.  Sometimes uninstalling/reinstalling Sharpdesk may solve the issue.  

The most common reason why the scanned images end up in the ftproot folder (directory) is because of script blocking by antivirus/firewall programs like Norton, McAfee, TrendMicro, AVG, Avast, etc.


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