Unable to Scan to E-mail Using Microsoft© Office 365™

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Unable to Scan to E-mail Using Microsoft© Office 365™

June 30, 2015

Sharp Technical Tip TT-063015_2

Models: MX-2610N/ MX-3110N/ MX-3610N/MX-2640N/MX-3140N/MX3640N/MX-4140N/ MX-4141N/ MX-5140N/MX-5141N/MX-6240N/ MX-7040N/MX-M364N/MX-M365N/MX-M464N/MXM465N/MX-M564N/MX-M565N 

Symptom: When scanning to E-mail using Microsoft Office 365, the machine displays a connection error. 

Cause: The Reply E-mail address is not in the proper format. 

Solution: When scanning to Microsoft Office 365 the Reply E-mail Address should be enclosed in angle (< >) brackets.The Reply E-mail Address can be changed using the following steps:

1. Log in to the machine’s Web interface as the Administrator.
2. Select System Settings
3. Choose Image Send
4. Then select Scan Settings
5. Under the Scan Settings Tab enter the Reply E-Mail Address with angle brackets. Example: <anyone@anycompany.com>.

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