Configuring Sharp MFPs to Scan to FTP

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Configuring Sharp MFPs to Scan to FTP

July 21, 2014

Note:  You will need the IP address of your Sharp MFP.

This tutorial is designed to assist intermediate to advanced users on installing and configuring FTP services on Windows 2000, XP and 2003 to allow the Sharp MFP to scan to FTP.  It is also designed to assist technical users on how to troubleshoot the following scan to FTP error codes: CE-02, CE-04, CE-05.

Note: If you receive a CE-02 error code on the Sharp after setting scan to FTP, you may need to allow port 21 (FTP port). In Windows, you may need to go into the Windows Firewall and allow access to port 21.

For instructions, see the appropriate PDF below.


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